Company Profile

                                              Company Profile

                                              Zhejiang  Decotec Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the appearance of decorative  pieces of research and development and production of high-tech  enterprises, the company is located in the beautiful banks of the  Qiantang River, emerging Dajiang Development Zone. The  company registered capital of 18 million yuan, a total investment of 70  million yuan in fixed assets; plant area of 12,000 square meters, of  which 9,000 square meters of high-standard clean room, with screen  printing equipment, UV transfer machines, coating machines....

                                              Our field

                                              Micro-nano texture

                                              Through the design of the micro-structure, it produces strong light and shadow effect, unreal color, vertical depth of field, biomimetic texture, and so on.

                                              Coating process and equipment

                                              With the leading configuration, and coating technology complement each other, to meet the market demand for color, feasibility.

                                              High pressure forming technology and equipment

                                              Through the temperature and pressure, based on the mold, to achieve the desired product shape effect.

                                              Surface decoration

                                              In just a few years, we have become a comprehensive leading mobile phone plastic battery cover integrated solution supplier.

                                              Windows process

                                              With advanced technology, equipment, manpower and other configurations, coupled with coating, hardening, hot bending, imaging and other high-end processes, it can meet the market demand for 3D, 3.5D and 4D Windows products with an Angle of more than 90 degrees.

                                              Smart household, car interior

                                              With the increasing development of the company, it has gradually expanded to intelligent home, automotive interior decoration and other fields.